Pet Health : monitoring illness and disease in companion animals using data from veterinary practices and laboratories

This video shows what SAVSNET is all about- share it with your clients to tell them what SAVSNET is, and why. Enjoy the sound effects!


Please go to REPORTS-Practice or to REPORTS-Laboratory to see our latest results and analyses.

SAVSNET is an initiative from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and the University of Liverpool. Both share the same passion for companion animal welfare, education and science.

It will offer exciting opportunities for all of us to work together for the benefit of companion animal health.


Key aims

  • Monitor disease trends over time and highlight appropriate interventions.
  • Identify populations at risk and monitor treatments and outcomes.
  • Provide data resources for academics and others.
  • Improve general public awareness of small animal diseases and prevention.
  • Provide a route to clinical benchmarking for vets in small animal practice.